The Alabama Minority Business Opportunity Center (MBOC) is funded through a grant from the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) and operated by the South Regions Minority Business Council (SRMBC), whose mission is to assist corporations, universities and government agencies to develop business opportunities with certified minority business enterprises (MBE). The MBOC addresses issues and provides assistance to facilitate the success and growth of certified MBEs.

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STRATEGIC GOALS “Contacts to Contracts”
The primary goal of the Alabama MBOC is to provide brokering services and assistance to “Rapid Growth-Potential MBEs.” Our goal is to convert “Contacts to Contracts” for these MBEs by providing assistance beyond the introductory process. The Center will maintain a database of viable MBEs as well as potential contracts and financial opportunities, offer assessment of a MBEs capability to satisfy a buyer’s needs, and provide brokering and bidding assistance in the closing of contract awards.

The Alabama MBOC will continually collect and disseminate procurement and bid information vital to the success of our “rapid growth-potential” MBEs. We will also identify other funded projects that specialize in specific growth assistance.

Email: info@mbocalabama.org